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Robert Tallack

CEO, ConversionPoint Technologies, Marketing and Advertising

Chief Executive Officer, Entrepreneur, Thought Leader

Robert Tallack's Bio:

Robert Tallack is the CEO of ConversionPoint Technologies, an e-Commerce technology company that focuses on reach, revenue, and return on investment for brands, agencies and advertisers that are selling online. Robert Tallack earned his Bachelor of Arts in health sciences from Queens University in 2003. He is also a proud graduate of St. Francis Xavier University. After completing his education, Robert followed his interest in entrepreneurship and his love for the martial arts by launching the Karate Kids Program, a martial arts-centered fitness program for elementary school kids. While leading Karate Kids Program as its President and CEO, Robert also co-founded Tallack Martial Arts, a full-service martial arts school based in Kingston, Ontario. Robert successfully directed the growth and development of Tallack Martial Arts for 9 years, experience that provided him insight into how to successfully lead a business In 2011, Robert Tallack made his way into the corporate world by leading a company developing and marketing all-natural supplements. As its CEO, Robert partnered with leading consumer brands and direct marketing organizations, and in 2015, sold the venture to a publicly traded pharma company for a successful exit. The next year, in 2016, Robert redirected his career focus into leading Branded Response, a digital media firm focusing on direct-to- consumer marketing of health, wellness and beauty products. He led Branded Response until its merger with Push Interactive in 2017 to form ConversionPoint Technologies. Outside of his career, Robert prioritizes staying active; he’s also earned three World Championship and nine Canadian National Championship titles as an MMA professional fighter. Robert also contributes articles to writing on topics primarily focused around eCommerce marketing solutions.

Robert Tallack's Experience:

  • CEO at ConversionPoint Technologies

  • CEO at Branded Response

  • Founder / Chairman at Karate Kids Foundation

  • CEO at Revive BioScience Inc

  • Co-Founder at Tallack Martial Arts

  • President / CEO at Karate Kids Group

Robert Tallack's Education:

  • Queens University

    BA, Health / Business
  • St. Francis Xavier University

Robert Tallack's Interests & Activities:

martial arts, entrepreneurship, traveling, fitness

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